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What is your plan to attract them? How do you bring out the best in them? How do you ensure they continue to positively impact the business?

Studies have shown, businesses with engaged employees consistently outperform their competition. Do you know how engaged your employees are and how much active disengagement is costing your business?


Gallup calculates that for every $100,000 of salary you pay an employee, you are losing $34,000. That’s 34%!

Use this calculator to submit your own data, and see the real impact active disengagement is having on your company.

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Why We Exist

Nothing drives us more than helping people realise their full potential. Kneading their passion, commitment and talent to help them attain excellence is a challenge we relish. When people are placed in the right environment, led by the right people and given the right tools and techniques, it surfaces the inner drive to excel. We have built and packaged the systems and processes to help businesses surface this inner drive in their teams. Bringing out the best in people should be accessible to everyone.

The Problem We Solve

Most training and development programs are task centric. They tap a fraction of the human potential. The decentralised nature of work, a dated modus operandi in this age, has dictated this. With technology taking over the doing at the workplace, the potential for people to raise their game at work is massive. The E&G programs are designed to elevate the contribution people can make at work by unleashing their inner drive to excel.

How We Do It

Our employee engagement programs touch on the 4 important aspects of a successful business: - A high performance culture - A working environment that promotes transparency, accountability and positive mind-sets - Effective leaders at all levels ready to think, decide and act - Engaged and enthusiastic mind-sets in all employees, regardless of roles and responsibilities.


Workforce Engagement

Ranging from a one off five-hour workshop to a 12-month integrated program, our employee engagement programs focus on building high levels of trust within the workforce and empowering employees to be their best.

Leadership Effectiveness

Focusing on leadership and communication, this personal action plan is aimed to increase a leader's ability to connect and build relationships within their team.

Engaging Millennials

Our program is guaranteed to transform your business culture by engaging the millennials in your company. It unlocks their creativity and embraces their drive and enthusiasm.

Women's Leadership

This program is designed to nurture broader participation of women leaders in the business. Studies have shown women in leadership positions enhance problem solving and decision making skills of the wider leadership team.





Vishnu has worked for many years in a wide range of companies and industries. Passionate about making a difference to the success of those around him, Vishnu has become an expert in Employee Engagement. As soon as he was old enough to adequately answer the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Vishnu answered wholeheartedly “teaching”. Whilst his career has seen him take up a variety of challenging roles, his core focus has always remained to personally support others to become the very best versions of themselves.

Throughout his career as a Entrepreneur, Trainer, Sales Leader, Manager and Business Owner, the stand out skills have been in the area of change management and engaging varied workforces. Vishnu’s experience and superior ability to encourage others to ‘be their best’ is why he is sought after by companies who are wanting to lead the way in their industry. Through a unique and tailored program, team members are able to connect, collaborate and develop sensational improvements. Any team can benefit from higher employee engagement. What are some of the benefits? Improvements in productivity, culture, accountability, reliability, relationships and a reduction in conflict, absenteeism, poor attitudes and unidentified issues.

The deep passion for impacting others comes from creating such excitement in the workplace that staff members return to the energy, positivity, excitement and optimism of their first day at work each and every day so that productivity goes through the roof. In addition to his role as an Employee Engagement Specialist, Vishnu also holds the position of ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc. CEO and as such encourages others to make the decision to ‘join the team’ and contribute as an Engage & Grow coach or an ActionCOACH.

Whilst it is a well known cliché – it truly remains that work is not work when you are so very passionate about what you do and would choose to do it even without payment. There are so many possibilities waiting for those who choose to ENGAGE AND GROW!



Employee engagement is now the number 1 greatest issue businesses are faced with today. The world has an employee engagement crisis, with serious and potentially lasting repercussions for the global economy. Though companies and leaders worldwide recognise the advantages of engaging employees – and many have instituted surveys to measure engagement – employee engagement has barely budged in well over a decade.

According to Gallup Daily Tracking, only 13% of worldwide employees are engaged – meaning they are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.


Engage & Grow have developed a survey that will immediately tell you how engaged your team is. Fill out the form to get access and then once complete an engagement specialist will be in contact with you to discuss some strategies for increasing your team’s engagement.


Email (info@actioninvest.org) us your details and we will email you the survey. Instructions for how to send it to your team and collect your results will be included in the email.
The survey will only take your team about 60 seconds to answer and is anonymous.

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