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ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc. (ACI) is a Guyanese and partially women-owned (22%) company that provides professional and personal business development services, certified coaching, leadership and administrative management services and business support, assessments and corporate training programmes.

ACI was established by Dr. Vishnu Doerga, Keon Smith and Davitri Doerga in 2018 as the umbrella company for the many products and services that developed as a result of introducing ActionCOACH to Guyana (sole proprietorship) to deliver business education using the ActionCOACH franchised methodology.

Through the rapid growth of our clients and the demand in the market, in 2018, ActionCOACH Guyana was incorporated as ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc, to start servicing our clients from across the Caribbean and further afield.

ACI is currently the only ISO 9001:2015 certified business coaching and training institution in Guyana. The company is also registered with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education & Training (CTVET) as meeting the requirements of operating an Educational Institution in Guyana (Registration Number: GUY 0/2-17/02) and all of our trainers are Competency Based Education (CBE) Certified by the CTVET. The company is registered with the Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD) and has benefitted from support that led to a majority Guyanese Female-owned recruitment company joint venture, NSBOmega Guyana Inc., which now serves ExxonMobil.

ACI is partnered with and represents an extensive portfolio of companies, including (1) ActionCOACH International – Business Coaching & Training, (2) The John Maxwell Team – Leadership Development and Coaching, (3) AccuMatch Behavioral Intelligence Testing, (4) Engage and Grow – Employee Engagement Programs, (5) Lammore US Inc. – Sales Training & Coaching, and (6) The Who’s Who in Guyana Business Directory & TV Show – B2B Marketing Channel; just to name a few. Our home page provides a more profound list: https://actioninvest.org/

Additionally, ACI also has an active Memoranda of Understanding for the delivery of certificate courses in Guyana with the University of the West Indies through the Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management Inc. (SCHSBM) Barbados – Accredited by the Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC); and the University of the West Indies School of Business and Applied Studies Limited (UWI-ROYTEC) Trinidad – Accredited by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT). All courses come complete with Pre & Posttests, Instructor & Participants’ guides and certification based on completion of coursework.

When registering for our open training courses or signing up to become a client for business coaching sessions, you can visit our 120 Parade Street, Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana location, make contact with us via telephone number + 592 223 – 5583, send a message or WhatsApp enquiry via our website OR reach out to any company representative.

If you are interested in individual and group training services, we provide virtual and in-person training to meet and exceed your growth goals and your specific professional training needs.

ACI is focused on supporting skills development as well as cultivating growth mindsets. We offer a range of personal and professional development training sessions, workshops, seminars and assessments that are geared toward supporting organizations, teams and entrepreneurs with opportunities for developing of knowledge to build scope and capacity for investments, training to foster financial literacy, business strategizing and income-generation, provides support resources to strengthen networking, partnerships, and community-building, and  advocacy on and resolution of issues affecting business success.

To keep up with all current events, trends, introductions of new programmes, project collaborations, training dates and times, and all other activities at ACI, you can follow us on social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Hub Spot and Instagram.

If you are desirous of sending sensitive documents to the company, you can do so by addressing the document to a recipient or use an alternative formal salutation before proceeding to send documents to email address info@actioninvest.org. Please also remember to state a clear, specific and appropriate subject.

ACI values the confidentiality of all clients and registered training participants, and any personal data that is handed over to ACI team members with expressed permission and access to use the shared information for the purpose that is communicated to the person.

We value the confidentiality of our clients’ and training participants’ information and can guarantee that your personal information will be protected from third party access, and will be subjected to the highest form of security to prevent unauthorized access at any point.

It is also part of ACI’s data control policy to consistently update the company’s confidentiality protocols and maintain measures to avoid violation of these protocols by employees, clients and customers.

ACI’s mission is to create “Guyana’s abundance through Business Re-education.” Through an action-oriented and dynamic team of professionals, the company focuses on delivering targeted services to individuals, teams, CEO’s, managers, and organisations to leverage their expertise, knowledge and competencies toward developing increased productivity, performance, profitability as they seek to invest in their growth. Our 14 Points of Culture embrace the growth mindset philosophy and is fundamental in our overall approach to educate, engage and empower business-oriented minds in Guyana.

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