ActionCOACH Guyana Presents ServiceRICH - Customer Service Training!

Turn your customers into a force of motivated, passionate sales people


Learn how to take your customer service skills to new heights. Discover the strategies with your business needs.

Imagine having your very best customers constantly doing your selling for you. What would your bottom line look like if you had new customers flooding through your doors without having to spend anything on advertising? It may seem impossible…. but the truth is, it is surprisingly simple to implement into your organization.


Let’s start by considering the sales process. Before you can grow your bottom line, you need to make sales. Yet sales don’t usually just happen. Your sales team, good as they may be when it comes to selling, still need people to sell to, to get the sale. Lead generation happens to be a very expensive exercise; it typically costs six times more to find a new lead than it does to sell again to an existing customer. So just imagine how profitable your organization could be if all your sales team had to do was to service your existing customer base, while they – your customers – took care of generating new leads. Our powerful half-day ServiceRICH – Customer Service Workshop will show you how you and your team can make top-class customer service a way of life in your organization.


This is because during the first few transactions you are still paying off their acquisition cost. That’s right; every customer has an acquisition cost. That means you have to in effect “buy” each customer. There is an actual cost associated with each one; costs like advertising and other lead generation costs, team costs, and general overheads. It’s only after roughly 2½ transactions that you begin to make money from each customer. So, what are you doing to ensure your customers actually come back at least 2½ times? Or are you content never to have profitable customers? How can you make sure yours become profitable? You need to turn them into Raving Fans.

The case for exceptional customer service

At ActionCOACH we’ve seen business after business transformed after putting their team through our highly effective ServiceRICH – Customer Service Training. You see, true business growth needs to come from a stable customer base. So what are you currently doing to ensure your customers come back, time after time? What are your team doing to ensure each time they buy, they don’t just leave satisfied; they leave delighted. After all, every customer expects satisfaction when interacting with your organization. Satisfactory service is no longer enough to ensure your business prospers. You need to be aiming at keeping your customers for life. This often overlooked or misunderstood aspect of customer service delivery is simply and effectively covered in our exciting and interactive full-day ServiceRICH workshop.

What Our Clients Say

Learning how to have empathy for customers.

Always ensure that each customer leaves delighted, not just satisfied.

Understanding the ladder of loyalty.


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* Thursday, February 29th, 2024
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* Thursday, August 15th, 2024
* Thursday, August 22nd, 2024

Investment : $6,000

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Session repeats every 6 months or based on demand. Organizations registering two participants will receive a third spot complimentary)

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