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BizX 2023


BizX provides you with valuable insights and inspiration. I am grateful to have been able to attend for four years in a row. I look forward to using this knowledge to improve my business and achieve my goals with purpose and resilience.

#BizX2023 in Nashville, Tennessee was a truly wonderful experience. Being in a room with growth-oriented and like-minded people always fills me with a sense of inspiration and motivation.

* One of the key takeaways for me was the importance of subscription and membership type services, which Robbie Baxter discussed in her talk. This is something that I had never really considered before, but I now realize how valuable it can be to provide ongoing value to my customers while generating consistent revenue for my business.

* Dr. Gary Sanchez’s talk about knowing my “why.os” was also a highlight for me. Understanding my purpose and values can help me create a sense of meaning and direction for my life and business, which is something that I find incredibly valuable.

* Scott McKain’s talk about the importance of the customer experience was also eye-opening. The story of Taxi Terry really resonated with me, and it illustrated how delivering exceptional service can create a memorable experience for customers and set your business apart from competitors.

* Amelia Earhart’s talk about overcoming adversity and turbulence was incredibly inspiring, and I gained valuable insights into how to develop resilience and adaptability in my personal and professional life.

* Finally, Brad Sugars’ expertise in sales and marketing was invaluable. His insights into creating effective marketing campaigns and sales funnels will undoubtedly help me improve my business strategy and reach my target audience more effectively.

Can’t wait for #BizX2024!

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