Real Estate Investment in Guyana: A Path to Financial Security

As Guyana continues its upward trajectory of economic development, real estate investment has come to the forefront as a lucrative opportunity. With growing urbanization and the expansion of business sectors, real estate can offer both short-term gains and long-term financial security. However, the sector is rife with complexities, from land acquisition and zoning laws to […]

Have You Heard The One About Sales Training???

The Third Round of Sales Training begins on August 15th, 2023, in person. Investment: Only $1200 per person for the entire course. You’ll receive a weekly 30-minute video course followed by a 60-minute group coaching session each week. During the sessions, you’ll solidify your learnings, explore what your peers are testing and measuring, and focus […]

From Mastery to Results: ActionCOACH’s 6 Steps to a Better Business

These six steps are designed to help you achieve success by developing a mindset for success, identifying your ideal target market, maximizing your resources, building a strong team, creating synergy, and achieving your desired outcomes. Let’s dive into each step to see how it can benefit your business. Step 1 – Mastery: To achieve success […]

Are You Thinking Profit or Activity?

An old saying says revenue is vanity, and profit is sanity. I know you’re not the next start-up being funded by endless money and trying to chase the purple unicorn. In other words, you’re an actual real business. I’m often asked how we can run a business focused on growing businesses and still say revenue […]

Make Your Business Meetings Matter More

Do you find yourself spending endless hours in meetings each week? I understand that this can be frustrating, but I’d like to share with you why meetings are vital, how they align your team, and provide the opportunity for everyone to be heard. Unfortunately, many times, we sit through meetings that accomplish nothing or even […]

BizX 2023

BizX provides you with valuable insights and inspiration. I am grateful to have been able to attend for four years in a row. I look forward to using this knowledge to improve my business and achieve my goals with purpose and resilience. #BizX2023 in Nashville, Tennessee was a truly wonderful experience. Being in a room […]

Professional Networking: A guide for Guyana’s Business operators

As Guyana’s leading professional networking platform, Network in Action is proud to present this guide to help business owners explore the world of professional networking. Guyana is one of the most promising countries in South America, offering a wealth of business opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners. As the economy surges, it is essential for […]

Getting a Coach or Mentor

investing in guyana

Why do elite professional golfers/cricketers have swing coaches? Simple. There are millions of dollars on the line in golf/cricket tournaments, and the difference between winning and losing is often one or two strokes. Little flaws in the pro’s swing or mind-set can make a huge difference in their winnings. The same is true for business […]

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