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Why do elite professional golfers/cricketers have swing coaches? Simple. There are millions of dollars on the line in golf/cricket tournaments, and the difference between winning and losing is often one or two strokes.
Little flaws in the pro’s swing or mind-set can make a huge difference in their winnings.

The same is true for business owners and executives. The people who sign up for our Coaching Program are often at the very top of their game, ultra-high performers seeking insight that will help them perform at even
higher levels.

You can’t change what you can’t see. This is the reason so many ultra-high performers across a range of endeavors have coaches.
Coaches hold up a mirror to your behavior and help you come to grips with the real you,

But let’s face it: not everyone can afford to hire a coach. Although we have hired some amazing coaches, most of the people who coached and mentored us were managers and other leaders who took an interest
in us. The key to attracting a coach is being coachable. You must be open to self-development.

There are five keys to being being coachable:

1. Ask. Put away your pride, open up, and ask for help.

2. Listen. Check your ego at the door and be ready to stretch. If you are resisting, defensive, or not committed, coaches quickly dis-
engage and invest their time and energy elsewhere.

3. Trust. Remember that you have blind spots. Your coach will often point out things that you cannot see. Give your coach a break and trust that what they are seeing is real

4. Take action. Be willing to follow through on agreed-upon action steps. There is nothing more frustrating for a coach than a coachee
who fails to follow through.

5. Progress. Make progress. If your coach doesn’t see you putting what you learn into practice, then working with you loses its joy.

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