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A range of specialist services that support and complement our Management Systems. Our capabilities include bespoke Training Courses, System and Payroll Consultancy, Marketplace, and our Portfolio of Training Courses.

Bespoke Training Courses

Mintra can help you design Bespoke Training courses to suit your needs and remove the stress from building tailor-made online training. As a global leader in learning technologies, Mintra can offer you a flexible, needs-driven solution that will save you time and money.



‘Marketplace’ is an exclusive area within Trainingportal where system users can gain access to an additional 80+ training providers and 2,000 courses, including practical, classroom, and blended. There are over 3,600 companies actively using Trainingportal, with more than 13,000 system administrators identifying and assigning courses. The marketplace is entirely agnostic and allows administrators the freedom to compare and choose their preferred provider, location, price, and course format.


Portfolio of Training Courses

Mintra has a portfolio of over 2,000 eLearning courses for companies operating in today’s safety-critical industries.
The courses are immediately available on our Trainingportal, Learning Management System (LMS) and can also be deployed through a company’s own LMS if required.

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Online Training Courses

Supporting more than 1.7 million seafarers and energy workers operating in today’s most safety-critical industries. We help people stay safe, develop new skills and verify their competence. Every 30 seconds one of our training courses is accessed and completed online.

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