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Petro Management Group Ltd Integrated
Petroleum Consulting and Traning Company


Calgary, Alberta, Canada. International Consulting company, and head of the global PMG Oil & Gas Academy, a training company for management and professionals Mr. Saad Ibrahim, President & CEO


Panama city, Republic of Panama. Special Purpose Company (SPC) dedicated specifically to offer our Petroleum and Project Management Training and Consulting Services to Latin America, and to represent manufacturers to market their products or services in the Latin American market Mr. Denis Andrew Gittins, President & CEO

Background PMG

Established as Petro Management Group Ltd. (PMG), as a Petroleum Engineering Consulting and Training company. PMG has been established in Calgary since 1994, serving the oil industry in North America and Internationally for 25 years.

Background PMGI

Established as Project Management Group Intl (PMGI) as a Project Management Consulting Company. PMGI has been established in Panama since 2015 to assist PMG Canada with the Latin American market, as well as to expand its scope to include representing companies on a contract basis for the Latin American market.

PMG and PMGI have a highly experienced and proficient group of worldwide associate instructors, consultants, and advisors that are confident to effectively offer any training and accomplish any oil and gas integrated multidisciplinary petroleum exploration, production or reservoir management studies applying the latest technologies in the market on a consulting basis.

PMG Consulting

PMG Oil and Gas Academy

25 years of management and professional oil and gas worldwide training experience

PMG Training Courses

  • PMG011 Advance Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering
  • PMG014 Comprehensive Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers
  • PMG016 Advanced Waterflood & EOR Methods for Engineers
  • PMG121 Applied Reservoir 3D Modeling and simulation
  • PMG154 Advanced Heavy Oil Development & Steam Injection
  • PMG118 Advanced Cased Hole Production Log Evaluation
    PMG158 Practical Log Analysis for Geologists & Engineers
    PMG128 Practical Aspects of Chemical EOR
  • PMG123 Practical 2D and 3D seismic interpretations
  • PMG124 Structure Analysis for Exploration Professionals
  • PMG125 Structural and Tectonic Global Evolution
  • PMG126 Fundamentals of Sedimentary Environments
  • PMG127 Advanced Sedimentary Environment for Geoscientist
  • PMG129 Geological Characterization of Silica Clastic Deposits
  • PMG130 High-Resolution Sequential Stratigraphy in Clastics
  • PMG131 Advanced Sequential and Seismic Stratigraphy
  • PMG132 Stratigraphic Method Reservoir Analysis & Exploitation
  • PGM133 Fundamentals of Geostatistics and Geo-modeling
  • PMG153 Advance Exploitation of Tight and Unconventional Reservoirs
  • PMG157 Advanced Well Test Analysis Workshop
  • PMG155 Fundamentals of Horizontal Well Technology
  • PMG159 Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Horizontal wells
  • PMG160 Advance Nodal Analysis and Multiphase Flow in Pipeline
  • PMG161 Advance Gas Lift, Optimization, Analysis, Diagnostic and Design
  • PMG162 Advance Electric Submersible Pump, Design and Optimization
  • PMG150 Stuck Pipe, Avoidance and Mitigation Course (3 Days)
  • PMG151 Complete Well Planning and Design for Drilling Supervisor
  • PMG156 Advance Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Wells
  • PMG141 Introduction to Offshore Operations for Professionals
  • PMG142 Executive Business of Offshore operations Drillex, Capex, Opex
  • PMG143 Technical introduction to Offshore for Project Managers and Supervisors
  • PMG144 Offshore Logistics Operations for Project Managers and
    Procurement Specialists

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