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Are You Thinking Profit or Activity?

An old saying says revenue is vanity, and profit is sanity. I know you’re not the next start-up being funded by endless money and trying to chase the purple unicorn. In other words, you’re an actual real business. I’m often asked how we can run a business focused on growing businesses and still say revenue […]

‘Floor It’ takes flooring to a new level…


“If you want to reach your potential and become the person you were created to be, you must do much more than just experience life and hope that you learn what you need along the way. You must go out of your way to seize growth opportunities as if your future depended on it.”  John […]

Built in Guyana: Joshua Kissoon Talks About The Rise of Techlify Inc.

blog image- Joshua

By Shari Simon 13th October, 2020 Ever since he was a child, Joshua Kissoon believed that someday his fascination with mobile phones, computers and other tech gadgets, will lead him to create something innovative to bring change to the world. As time passed, he felt that the more he interacted with different technological devices, the […]

The Journey from a Garage to ISO Certification – Collaboration is key


Ever so often something happens – a scientific breakthrough, an invention, a disaster – that can either create opportunities, test our ability to adapt or destroy us. The Covid-19 pandemic has decimated the tourism and entertainment industries for instance as there was hardly room for those businesses to adapt as the customer experience requires physical […]

Guyanese IT business honoured at BIZ X awards in US


Local Information Technology (IT) company Techlify Inc has been named the winner of Best IT Organization and Best Business Software at the 2020 BIZ X Awards, an annual event that honors the best of the best small and medium-sized businesses around the world. The awards, held last week in Nashville, Tennessee, showcases exceptional results for […]

Growing a Business


Regarding starting a business, globally only 20% of startups make it past year 5, and of that amount only another 20% make it past 10 years. The market basically filters weak businesses out of the market. Good companies are clear on their USP’s and competitive advantages and communicate these clearly to the market. This is […]

Guyanese businessman heeding call for value-added products, speaks to importance of continued education and training of businesses

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, October 6, 2020: In keeping with the decade-long call for value added products to be manufactured locally, Guyanese businessman Andre Cummings has taken his lumber-export business further by offering enhanced, ‘exotic’ flooring, which he says increases his earnings from a product by fifteen times what he would have gotten without processing. Mr. Andre […]

An investment into improvement is an investment into more opportunities


As an entrepreneur, you should not view financing the improvement of your business’ operations and efficiency as a sacrifice, but as an investment that will earn rewards in the short, medium and long-term. This is the position of the Executive Chairman of ActionINVEST Caribbean Incorporated, Dr. Vishnu Doerga, who was also the founder and Chief […]

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