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Transform your sales performance with Lammore Sales Training

How Lammore helps our customers grow their businesses and opportunities through sales development

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Raise selling confidence and credibility. Raise prospect conversion levels. Significant increase in sales productivity.

Sales Training Program Details


Program 1 – Creating a Winning Proposition

All too often business people struggle to make an impact because they haven’t answered the question, “why me?” This program considers the psychology of sales and what drives clients to make purchasing decisions and motivates them into making purchasing decisions.


Program 2 – 5 Steps to a Successful Sale

Selling is as much of a science as chemistry. If hydrogen is added- ed to oxygen in the right proportions the end result is water. Successful selling is no different and this program builds on the Principled Selling Series formula to grow sales results. Specifically the 5 steps – “Engage, Excite, Probe, Propose, Close.”


Program 3 – Closing the Sale

The process of negotiation and agreement is in fact the same whether you are buying or selling. This program is focused on the creation of win-win agreements based on the clear and effective demonstration of value and credibility.

Creating A Winning Proposition

Program Overview

  • Lesson 1: Introducing the Single Sales Principle
  • Lesson 2: Compelling Needs
  • Lesson 3: Credible Solutions
  • Lesson 4: Perceived Value
  • Assignments:
    ? SSP – The $500 Exercise
    ? Top 5 Compelling Needs
    ? Creating Authority
    ? Top 5 FAB’s
    ? The Value Line
  • Lesson 1: The Proposition Concept
  • Lesson 2: The Proposition Edge
  • Assignments:
    ? Proposition Concept
    ? Proposition Edge – The Squiggly Line
    ? Proposition Edge – Competitor Analysis
  • Lesson 1: The Top Performer Formula
  • Lesson 2: Talent vs. Practice & Process
  • Lesson 3: The Rapport Triangle
  • Assignments:
    ? The Performance Iceberg
    ? The Rapport Triangle
  • Lesson 1: Establishing Credibility
  • Lesson 2: The Elevator Pitch
  • Assignments:
    ? Credibility Statements
    ? The Elevator Pitch

The 5 steps to an effective sale


Closing The Sale

  • Lesson 1: The Single Sales Principle & The Close
  • Lesson 2: The Brain – Emotional Decision Making
  • Lesson 3: The Value Tools
  • Lesson 4: Closing Skills
  • Assignments:
    ? Emotional Brain
    ? Resetting the Anchor
    ? Value Tools
  • Lesson 1: Avoiding Objections
  • Lesson 2: Reluctance to Buy or Buying Signal
  • Lesson 3: Planning for Objections
  • Lesson 4: The 5 Steps to Handling an Objection -ERRICA
  • Assignments:
    ? Identify Potential/Common Objections
    ? Relate ERRICA to your Objections
  • Lesson 1: Principle #1 – Everything is Negotiable
  • Lesson 2: Principle #2 – Win-Win is the Only Outcome
  • Lesson 3: Principle #3 – Never Negotiate Until “Sold”
  • Lesson 4: Principle #4 – Power is Fluid
  • Lesson 5: Principle #5 – The Zone of Possible Agreement
  • Assignments:
    ? Tradeable Factors
    ? WAP
  • Lesson 1: Buyer Tactics
  • Lesson 2: Negotiation Rules
  • Lesson 3: The Negotiation Plan
  • Lesson 4: The Negotiation Process
  • Assignments:
    ? Create a Negotiation Plan using “Power, Variables, BATNA & ZOPA”

What Our Clients Say?

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What Our Clients Say?

Emotions are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. It might make sense that a decision would be made through the rational deriving of the most suitable choice from an array of alternatives, however a feeling, a want or a yearning a far more swaying. Are you emotionally connecting to your customer?

And what we mean by that is whilst someone may want a fancy looking new iPod dock, they can’t justify the purchase without first finding out that it’ll also stream content, has an in-built DAB tuner, can work as an audio output for the TV, thus making life easier for them. The facts that sell your product can back up an already-established feeling and seal the deal!

They just don’t like looking at their bank account afterwards. Whilst people might claim otherwise, buying generally makes us feel good. The problems arise when it feels like we’re being sold to for the sake of selling something. You need to establish how you can help your prospects beyond any doubt, and back up your claims with evidence wherever possible.

Really, we’re all self-centered, egotistical maniacs who want nothing more than to have our own sense of importance and entitlement massaged by anything we even consider consuming. Whilst that might be an exaggeration, it’s something to consider when pitching – how are you adding personal value to your product or service?

Getting as close to a product as possible is one thing all customers seemingly adore. No matter how or what you’re selling, make sure you deliver an experience whereby your customer ‘feels’ the product, even if you’re just speaking over the phone – know your product well enough to deliver these sensory connections in other ways.

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